Your Hope Coach

Replenishing Our Peace (Part Two) | EP 16

August 17, 2023 Season 1 Episode 16
Your Hope Coach
Replenishing Our Peace (Part Two) | EP 16
Show Notes

Replenishing Our Peace (Part 2) | EP 16

What does it mean to have lasting peace? How can we experience the peace of Jesus in the midst of panic, anxiety, or hopelessness? Listen to part two of our summer series with Carmen, Kristine, and Ellen, as they share personal stories of God’s replenishing peace.

If you’re struggling to experience peace in your daily life, this episode is for you. 

Verses we mentioned in part one:

Jeremiah 31.25 ESV

Isaiah 26.3-4 NLT

1 Peter 5.7 NLT

Key verse for part two:

John 14.27

Resources we talk about:

Carmen’s Scripture writing lists on her website. Find out more here:

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Ellen’s resource, 7 Scriptures to Bring You Peace!

As we focus on peace in the days ahead, let’s remember these 3 short peace-filled prayers related to the 3 tips we talked about in the video: 

  1. Help.
  2. You know.
  3. Do it again.

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