Your Hope Coach

Trying Not To Drown | EP13

July 06, 2023 Carmen Horne Season 1 Episode 13
Your Hope Coach
Trying Not To Drown | EP13
Show Notes

Do you feel like you are in a little dinghy in the middle of a sea of trouble? In our episode today, Carmen describes a time she felt that way and offers a survival tip.

Verses mentioned:

Exodus 2

Matthew 5.45

John 7.38 and 4.14

Revelation 22. 1-2

The woman at Jacob’s well — John 4.1-28

Matthew 14.28-31


Any time you begin to sink, you will remember to do as Peter did and reach out to Jesus so His hand can catch you. (Matthew 14.31)


Dear Lord, When we read about this encounter you had with Peter, we’re encouraged. You didn’t let him sink into that stormy sea. We often feel like a little dingy in the middle of a big ole sea of trouble. Tossed around. Open our eyes to Your presence during these times. Maybe we are hanging on to our situation like our life depended on it when in reality, our life depends on reaching out to you so you can catch us. Lord, like you did for Moses, turn our seas into highways. Make our path clear. Please don’t let our feet get stuck in the mud. Move us forward on the dry ground of your promises. Thank you, Lord. We offer our prayers in the name of Jesus, amen.

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